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Online teaching and learning solution (LMS) is not just a platform for teaching like Zoom or Team, this solution is a system that includes courses, lectures, tests and exercises. go home. With this solution, teachers can create and customize all the desired course content, administrators can clearly assign permissions to staff, and parents can monitor their children’s learning process easily. All learning materials are stored in one place and with just a few clicks you can use that material repository. In this system, it is easy to evaluate the students and there are separate solutions for each group of students to improve learning efficiency. In particular, this system is extremely user-friendly, easy to use and highly effective.



Teachers download lectures or use available lecture data stores

Instead of teachers having to upload documents every time, teachers can now save documents directly on the system during classes and lessons. Editing of learning materials can also be done directly on the system. The classes and lessons the teacher is in charge of are listed right on the dashboard for easier management.

Exclusively issued online classroom system

Teachers can create classes, subjects and add students to the classroom. Teachers interact with students through live sessions with full features like in a traditional classroom. The teacher enters the class, opens the lecture, students follow and can volunteer to speak and discuss. Especially to make the class more exciting, teachers can create multiple choice questions, or polls, the results are displayed very vividly on the screen. Lectures will no longer be dry and less interactive lectures like before.

Do your homework, grade and do it online

Students are assigned and do homework on the system, the grading of student work is automatic and the teacher can perform the review and re-grade if necessary (essay assignment). . Teachers can upload assignments or create them directly on the system. The system also has the ability to control the time for students’ homework.

Dashboard management and report export

The dashboard interface for each different subject is different, but all the necessary information is clearly displayed. The data on grades, attendance, study time … are displayed in real time. Teachers can quickly assess the learning situation of each student. The system also allows to export reports according to the desired school interface.