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With this real-time student transportation solution, we built a single application for both parents, car staff, teachers and school administrators. All information is digitized and continuously updated on the system in real time. Parents can track the vehicle route such as where the car is, how far away it is from home and receive notifications when the car is near. The work of the bus staff also becomes simpler and less stressful when they do not have to call each parent to notify. The school can track all transportation activities in real time such as where the cars are, how fast they are running, how long it takes to pick them up, etc. to help optimize time and costs. fee.
Our top priority is the safety of our students and the peace of mind of parents when their children come to school. We try our best to not have any rare cases happen.


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How to track the child's shuttle location in real time and how does it help?

All school safety conscious parents are looking for solutions that can track the location of the shuttle bus in real time and thus the PHX Smart School’s student transportation system. life.

The real-time bus tracking system provides parents with the live GPS location of the school shuttle and lets parents know if their child has boarded or disembarked and at what time.

All this information can be accessed by parents from anywhere, be it their home or workplace.

How does this system work?

The system connects all stakeholders through a single application. GPS navigation is enabled through the vehicle manager’s phone app or embedded in the bCheckin device (this is a new device, researched and developed by ourselves).

With the parent mobile app, the app is downloaded quickly and works on all Android and iOS systems including tablets and smartphones, allowing parents to pinpoint the exact location of the shuttle in real time. A customizable map allows parents to see where the bus is and its expected arrival time.

Many Automated Features: Uniquely designed app with many automated features that can be customized and personalized, so notifications can be sent to let everyone know when the bus is close to its destination . It also records the location of the school bus at specified intervals.

This integrated solution enables important information to be shared between schools and parents and consolidates all information in a single platform.

What solutions help parents?

The real-time feature of the tracking system gives parents more comfort and reassurance in ensuring their child’s safety and security while being transported to and from school.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits that the school bus tracking app brings to parents:

No more waiting times:

Parents have busy schedules in daily life, they cannot waste time waiting at the bus station to pick up or pick up their children.

Real-time GPS school shuttle vehicle tracking system provides the exact location of the vehicle, helping parents determine the pick-up and drop-off time at the bus stop, thereby saving their valuable time.

Automated routing, planning and scheduling of bus stops saves time, so no more waiting!

Children no longer have to wait at the bus station under the hot sun, freezing temperatures or pouring rain.

Ensure your child’s safety and security:

Traffic safety is the top concern of parents. The best school bus tracking system allows school administrators to check the speed of the driver and gives the option to contact the driver on duty. This gives parents peace of mind in ensuring the safety and security of their children. In case the driver runs too fast, the administrator will have a message for the driver.

Urgent notices, warnings and reports:

Important information about bus delays, bus incidents, detours, unscheduled bus stops or emergency situations is quickly made available to parents through instant alerts and emergency notifications on the website. application.

Parents can access and analyze school bus routing data (historical and real-time) whenever parents need it.

No more calls when picking up children:

With a tracking system provided, parents do not need to call the vehicle administrator to check the status of the school bus.

Every parent receives real-time updates on the latest location of the school bus.

No more missed buses!

Parents are notified when the vehicle is 200 meters from home. In case parents do not have time to bring their children to the gate, parents can see the route and location of the car to get to the next point.

History of the bus:

The mobile app makes it possible for parents to fully and accurately view their child’s ride history at any time from anywhere without needing to contact the school.

Privacy of child/parent data:

The system runs on a completely secure platform that guarantees 100% privacy of all child’s data and parents’ communications at all times.

All data is securely stored and managed through a Central Management System (CMS) by school administrators, thus protecting the data from any access or misuse by unauthorized persons. do not have the authority.

Parents cannot access the information of students other than their own, each parent can only use the phone number provided to the school to log in and need to enter the OTP code for verification.


Parents can monitor any bus delays or detours on their own and plan the timing accordingly.

This avoids any unnecessary frustration for parents and affects their daily work.

Parents can also ask someone to pick up their children if they have a busy schedule.

This ensures that children are not left unattended after being dropped off at the bus stop.

How does PHX Smart School's Student Transportation Solution help schools manage student transportation more efficiently?

The Student Transportation Solution is an end-to-end integrated solution that allows schools to effectively manage their transportation operations. The school uses an online system to help control the daily transportation processes, view real-time reports to control, adjust the process accordingly.

Advanced Routing:

Schools can efficiently arrange shuttles on different routes to ensure there is no overcrowding or lack of shuttles on any school route.

The safest and most efficient routes can eliminate any danger on the route.

Any change in bus schedules can be managed efficiently.

Improved routing will help save fuel and costs for schools in the long run.

Schedule students to pick up and drop off correctly:

The school bus management system helps schools send notifications to parents about the exact pick-up and drop-off times at pick-up locations.

This ensures that the parent or guardian is at the bus stop at the right time to pick up or drop off the student without having to wait.

In the event of any delay or emergency, parents will receive an automatic update via the app or an emergency notification via phone call regarding their child’s location and changes in bus schedule.

Automated scheduling based on entered data allows schools to easily manage large amounts of data, allowing for quick creation, editing and planning of trips.

Real-time shuttle tracking

Schools can easily track bus rides in real time and report their exact location to school authorities. This facilitates the school to respond quickly to any emergency, incident or accident that may occur with the school vehicle.

Real-time tracking also helps schools monitor bus speeds and keep a close eye on drivers’ speed limits. This improves the safety of children traveling on school buses and driver accountability.

Follow up with students:

The system records all children’s school attendance daily with RFID tags.

The software also provides a quick search feature to quickly look up children’s profile information such as parents’ contact numbers, pick-up and drop-off locations, etc.

Regular reporting:

The system provides regular reports related to the school’s shuttle function with tables including driving route, number of vehicles, average vehicle speed, student pick-up time, attendance records. students, the number of students using the service…

The software allows school transportation authorities to manage their drivers’ fuel costs, hours worked, etc., by providing them with reports on distance traveled, travel speed, journey history, etc.