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PHX Smart School builds a solution based on the actual needs of each school to manage all school items. We built 01 school’s own application for parents, teachers and school officials, this application integrates the transportation solution presented in the previous section. For the school, to make the management easier, we have built a common portal, where all information is displayed and updated in real time. We affirm that this system is optimized so that all objects can be easily used, the decentralization is also very clear for many different users.

In addition to the software built for the school, PHX Smart School will be responsible for consulting and providing hardware equipment to ensure the system works well.



BUILD A PORTAL with clear decentralization
Employee management

PHX Smart School provides a time attendance device by magnetic card or face recognition, this device can be a student check-in device, thus reducing a lot of costs for the school while still ensuring the management of students. good personnel management. The results will be saved on a single portal along with a lot of other relevant information.

The approval of leave, summarizing the number of lessons, calculating salary and sending payroll directly to employees are also done right on the system, ensuring all information is accurate and transparent.

Manage attendance / drop off students at the school gate

The school can choose to manage with a student card (this card is also a student’s bus card) or face recognition. For stricter management, the school can place the device at both the school gate and the classroom door. This device is researched and developed by PHX Smart School to ensure accuracy, high processing speed and reasonable price.

Parents apply for leave right on the app and the teacher will confirm the leave instead of calling, texting or writing a leave of absence as before. Parents easily manage their child’s number of days off.

In addition, we have built a route to pick up students for parents right at the school gate at the end of class, this route thoroughly solves the problem of congestion at the school gate, the problem of parents waiting too long or The teacher could not manage the status of which student’s parents were picked up.

CRM System

CRM Admissions

  • Data of student registration number for entrance exam, entrance exam results, room division…
  • Notification of winning/failing results to parents’ email
  • Manage admission budget

CRM Student Care

  • Manage student input records.
  • Manage data using the school’s services: bus, boarding, uniform…
  • Send a message to the whole school
Facilities/library management

All equipment/books are identified, coded and updated on the system. Employees only need to turn on the application, search for the type of device/book they want to borrow and order to borrow, there will be no more cases of employees coming to borrow but the device has been borrowed. Booking and borrowing rooms is similar.

The system will notify the date to return and remind to return the device at the scheduled time, the case of forgetting or losing will be handled thoroughly.

Information exchange management 4.0

Through the application, chat groups are built between teachers, parents, between teachers and school management… The information exchanged is easily evaluated and managed by the school. All information is confidential and private to the school.

Menu Manage

Students’ menus are updated to parents weekly, meal registration for children is also clearly displayed. Any feedback from parents is also saved on the system and processed immediately.

The kitchen management department also easily summarizes the exact number of meals, the school calculates and collects the exact cost.

Build your own school app for parents, teachers and school officials.
Internal payment management

Student card is not only a student card, but also an internal payment card in the school to help parents easily manage their children’s spending. All payment histories are recorded and can be viewed by parents at any time.

Tuition payments are also notified directly in the app, and parents pay via an internal card. There will be no more mistakes or omissions in payment.

Timetable Management

The timetables of all grades, both teachers and students, are streamlined. Notifications will be sent to parents regularly instead of having to print and send students home as before.

Event Management

Events are notified in detail, questions are answered instantly, or parents pay for their child’s event attendance.

The school’s communication for the event is also more effective through the application.

System Management

All information is updated in real time, school administrators can view any information at any time without receiving reports from subordinates. Because the information is constantly updated, troubleshooting is faster and more efficient. The overall and detailed reports are exported in any format (excel, word, pdf…) and whenever desired. The management of the school system has never been so simple and smart.