Benefits of smart school solution

benefits of smart school solution

Understanding the benefits of smart school solutions, schools are transforming towards a smarter, more modern way by applying more smart solutions. Smart schools bring a lot of benefits to both the school, parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders. This is an inevitable movement, because at present, hard work and study alone are not enough to be outstanding. Here are the benefits in detail:

For the school this is

  • A single system for all operations
  • Information is stored systematically, easy to search and extract
  • Fully automatic in the stages from attendance, meal ordering, event registration
  • Cost savings
  • Provide better services for teachers, students and parents
  • Easily enroll students
  • Evaluating and improving the quality of teachers and staff easily
  • Manage all departments in the school transparently and effectively
Optimize all activities of school

Teachers will have more time to do other tasks because

  • Automatic student attendance
  • Automatic time attendance
  • Easy online teaching during the epidemic season
  • Marking and assigning assignments on the system
  • Create a timetable online
  • Create an online quiz
  • Online student reviews
  • Easily interact with parents

Parents feel secure when their children go to school with the application of the solution:

  • Track the shuttle bus
  • Comfort and peace of mind in child transportation
  • Keep track of your child’s absent/late attendance
  • Get and access child and school information anytime, anywhere
  • Easier interaction with teachers and schools
  • Access your child’s grades, tests, and academic progress at any time
No more concern about children at school

Students also become happier and more comfortable when they come to school:

  • Comfortable going to school and in the classroom
  • Better interaction with parents, teachers and other students
  • Effective learning through online teaching and learning system
  • Access your grades, assignments and studies for self-assessment and growth
Student is happier with smart school

For school staff, this is also a big improvement:

  • Reduce paperwork, increase work efficiency
  • Comfortable working with high precision
  • Clear and effective departmental work

To learn more about this solution, visit the PHX Smart School website or call directly to +84869 185 044 (Ms. Thuy)

PHX Smart School provides a comprehensive solution for smart schools including real time tracking bus, school administration, learning & training administration and website building. We are committed to accompanying the school during the time the school uses our solution.