Deploying a real-time tracking bus solution for M&H

Today schools are more concerned with the services they provide to parents and students, parents care about their children’s safety, and students care about the joys of going to school. These factors have promoted the application of science and technology in education.

Grasping that trend, M&H Investment Co., Ltd. has applied a real-time transportation solution for the School Bus System (SBS). SBS is a unit currently providing transportation solutions for schools and universities. 

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The application of technology from PHX Smart School will help SBS manage operations better, save money and time, and help customers (schools, parents, students) have better experiences.

SBS school bus (source: SBS)

Application for real-time tracking school bus solution

With a single app for parents, schools and nannies, all information is updated in real time. Parents and students will no longer have to wait in the middle of a storm or hot weather to pick up the car, there will be a notification to the app when the car is near. Drivers, nannies and other students also do not have to wait to pick up other students in fatigue.

A real-time student transportation system, parents can track the location of the car, information that their children have arrived at school or got on the bus home, especially, this attendance is done by the children themselves. your student card. Furthermore, parents need to confirm that their child has returned home safely after receiving notification from the nanny. So there will be no cases where the child has not come home, the car forgets to pick up the child, or the child is left in the car. Parents will be very secure and comfortable during business trips away from home. So there will be no more worries such as whether the car has picked up the child from school, whether the child has gone to school, whether the child has come home safely.

The nanny needs to check and scan the end of trip code before the end of the trip

Meeting with M&H team to deploy the solution
QR code to end the trip

The nanny could not help but check the car before handing over the students to the school because to finish the journey, the nanny needs to scan the QR code placed at the end of the car to ensure every row of the car including The last row of seats is also thoroughly checked. The attendance is also more accurate than that, so the nanny also feels relieved when she doesn’t have to count the students over and over again. It also becomes easier to hand over students to class teachers when the attendance application is connected to the teacher’s application.

Convenience for school management

With this system, the school can manage all vehicles, all drivers, nannies and students in real time. Where did the cars go, did they go on the right route, what was the speed, how long did it take to get to the school… all had clear detailed statistics. Students who swipe their cards or the nannies check-in manually are also visible. In general, all activities are monitored and detailed information is stored.

Bus statistics

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