How to use the real-time bus tracking app for parents

With this real-time bus tracking app of PHX Smart School parents can:
  • Check your child shuttle location in real time
  • Be notified of your child’s pick-up time, notify them that they have boarded the bus to school, or notify them that they have returned home safely
  • Get other notifications from the school
  • Contact directly with teachers, managers, drivers … through the app
  • Text directly to chat groups with teachers and other parents
  Parents will need to do the following every day: Every day before your child arrives at school
  • Parents turn on the internet, turn on the app
  • Click your child’s information and then click the “shuttle” icon to find out how many kilometers the car and vehicle are from home. If the car is still quite far from home, parents and children can relax for breakfast, chat without fear of being late for school,
And especially parents will receive a message when the car is 200m from home to prepare to take their child to the pick-up gate.   When your child is on their way to school After the car arrives, your child will board the car to check-in the car, the message will be sent to parents that they are on their way to school. Parents will be very assured if they are on a business trip and are not at home with their children. If parents have questions about where the car will take their child and where they are now, parents continue to see the location of the car in the “Shuttle Bus” section.   After your child arrives at school and swipes their check-out card, a notification will be sent to parents immediately. In case your child has lost their school card in time to re-issued or they forgot their card at home, the car staff can check-in and check-out manually right on the application, so parents do not need to worry too much about their child losing the card or forgetting it.   When you’re on your way home and home Just like in the morning when your child goes to school, in the afternoon parents can also check the location of the car, receive notifications when their child is close to coming. And the special thing is that parents need to confirm that their child has arrived home after receiving the notification, otherwise the car officer will call to confirm the information. Parents also can see the history of bus tracking system of their children. In this history section, parents will know when and where their child got off the bus, if they swiped their card, what the staff and staff contacts were.