LMS solution – Solution to overcome difficulties in online teaching and learning

Teaching and learning online is not easy for schools, especially for older teachers who are less exposed to technology. To solve that problem, PHX Smart School helps schools to simplify the implementation in all steps but still ensure extremely useful functions.

1. What is the purpose of the LMS system?

Although there are many benefits to using an LMS system, such as cost reduction and security, the main purpose of an LMS is to provide and monitor the teaching and learning process on one system. The LMS allows for the simplification of the following processes:

  • Register and deliver the course
  • Monitor and analyze user data
  • Teach, learn, test, export and send results
  • Performance-based tasks, e.g. learning effectiveness, teaching effectiveness
  • Course administration
  • Communication between instructors and learners….

One of the best experiences shared by students is to receive scores and explanations for wrong answers immediately after submitting in the LMS system. No more waiting anxiously, moreover help them remember the knowledge longer and have the spirit of trying to get a higher score.

2. What does the school need to prepare to apply the LMS system?

The school needs a specialized team to be in charge of receiving and implementing the system, arrange personnel to systematize all existing documents and develop additional missing documents. It is important to build the learning materials so that they are rich, eye-catching and easy to absorb so that the students are excited to learn.

This panel is also tasked with establishing orientation or training sessions focused on teaching the use of the LMS to all teachers, parents, and students. Such a course should include step-by-step written and video instructions, short exercises and how to complete them, discussion posts, longer assignments and projects, communication with the teacher. and together, etc. This is also the time to ensure that teachers, parents and students are fully equipped with the necessary equipment for using this system.

3. What preparation and training do parents and students need to have a good experience with LMS solution?

The first thing to prepare is a hardware device, a computer with a camera for students to interact with teachers and classmates, moreover turning on the camera also helps students study more seriously. In addition to computers, parents need to install a strong enough Internet connection for their children to participate in school without interruption.

A comfortable study place with desks, chairs, and enough light also has a great influence on children’s learning outcomes and teachers’ teaching. In addition, parents need to pay attention to the background behind, to avoid the case that it is too cluttered or there are other sensitive items students and teachers should not see or will be distracted because of that.

Besides material, it is also very important to prepare mentally for self-study and complete assigned assignments. Students will have to have a higher sense of self-study because there is no direct supervision.

In addition, it is necessary to cultivate computer skills for parents and children through school training sessions, and parents should also be more active in self-study and further exploration.

Here are some things schools, teachers, parents and students should keep in mind to get the best results for online teaching and learning.

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