The necessity of a safe and real-time tracking school bus system

Many school bus-related incidents have occurred in recent years as the demand for school buses has increased. However, there is currently no comprehensive solution or standard for the school bus system.

Surely no one has yet forgotten the incident that the 1st grader was forgotten on the shuttle bus leading to his death at Gateway International School, the 3rd grade student of Doan Thi Diem school fell asleep and opened the shuttle bus door by herself to go to class, the child was forgotten by the shuttle bus on the highway or 3 students fell from the shuttle while it was running on the road in Dong Nai province.

Besides schools that have or rent a shuttle service, some parents actively negotiate with each other and with the garage to rent a car to take their children to school, which has many potential risks.

Based on real-life situations, we ask the following questions:

Who is responsible when a student is left in the car, the driver or the monitor?

What is the school responsible for in unfortunate incidents that occur?

Do drivers and monitors need to be properly trained? …

A lot of questions have been raised and the answer is still that schools need to use a safe transport service, stricter supervision, but the school rarely has a specific solution.

PHX Smart School provides a 100% secure service where all information is transparent, error or disclaimer is impossible, information from monitor, parent, school administrator or teacher are linked through a single application.

With the real-time student transportation system, parents can track the location of the shuttle bus, information that their children have arrived at school or got on the bus home, especially, this attendance is done by the children by their student cards. Furthermore, parents need to confirm that their child has returned home safely after receiving notification from the monitor. So there will be no cases why the child has not come home, the shuttle bus forgets to pick up the child, or the child is left in the shuttle bus.

The monitor/driver has to check the car before handing over the students to the school because to finish the journey, the monitor/driver needs to scan the QR code placed at the end of the shuttle bus to ensure every row of the shuttle bus was also thoroughly checked.

The school can always track the summary and details of the data through a portal. Information varies from the number of students, the number of vehicles, the speed of the vehicle, the time to pick up and drop off the students, or even the route of the driver.

In general, with such a solution, all students’ safety is ensured, both parents, monitors, teachers and drivers are comfortable when students come to school.